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Who Are We

BTS Radio UK is an Independent Professional Promotion Organisation in support of BTS, their message and their music through radio play in the UK, whilst providing BTS Army with factual, concise and up to date information.


Radio Bangtan, hosted by BTS Radio UK plays BTS' discography in weekly themes with BTS & ARMY trivia.

Simple visual guides covering various topics to help you support BTS.

We host regular streaming & listening parties over our social media accounts providing playlists for each streaming platform.

 -Random Stat-

BTS extends their record as the artist with the most music show wins (150) in history.

Would You Like To Support BTS Radio?

Promoting BTS in the UK is our passion.

With BTS receiving very little media/radio PR in the UK; it proves that our passion is needed, but the data we use to track BTS radio airplay, the equipment needed to create our radio shows and the specialised subscriptions we have to keep you all up to date are not free and can prove to be quite costly to a voluntary organisation.


If you would like to help us to continue to provide all our services to you, BTS & keep BTS Radio UK active we would be very grateful if you considered donating any amount you can spare to www.paypal.me/BTSRadioUK.

Tip: If you have kindly decided to donate to us, please make sure the payment is to friends and family so there aren’t any extra charges to you or us.