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Radio Bangtan is an interactive show brought to you by the members of BTS Radio UK with different themes each week.

Radio Bangtan showcases BTS’ massively varied discography & also the impact that their music and lyricism have on ARMY.


If you want to get involved with a show by requesting a shout-out, sponsor, to advertise or would even like to Guest DJ for us hosting your very own themed show, get in touch with us via DM or email us at

Listen at the link below
every other Thursday 8-9pm!

For further details on the show, head to our twitter @btsradiouk

Want To Sponsor Our Show?

We are opening up our radio show to sponsorships.


Our original show ARMY Takeover on ACR Radio pulled in over 20k listeners from all over the globe before taking a break due to Covid 19.


Because government guidelines have changed and radio stations have been adapting, the show was able to relaunch on the 30th September, again with ACR Radio, bigger and better than before, plus more radio stations have signed up to follow in ACR Radios footsteps. Since the release of Dynamite, radio station interest in BTS has increased tenfold, they see the listener potential of having a regular show of BTS songs and content added to their schedules.


What you would expect from sponsoring our show:

Audience demographic fits perfectly within all customer bases due to the diverse range of BTS fans with foundation to build on.

Access to a large and growing number of European BTS fans that actively encourage and appreciate services like yours, not just for BTS concerts but all their musical interests.

Opportunity to advertise nationwide.

The possibility of your social media platforms and your wider business family having a significant uplift in interactions and regular patrons.

Shows will be uploaded to our MixCloud account giving endless opportunities for re-listening to not only us but your sponsorship.



We are able to create a bespoke sponsor package for you that can include the following:

Audio only pre-recorded advertisements provided by yourselves.

Audio only “live reads” that our host reads during the radio show.

Two posts a week across all our social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc)

Banner ads on our website or blog.

 Reviews of sponsors' products.

Contest and giveaways with prizes sponsored by yourselves.

Creation of show segments that are “brought to you by xxxx”.



Contact us at with details of what level of sponsorship you would like to take up and we can provide you with costing details.


We look forward to hearing from you and discussing how we can work together on this exciting project.


Would you like to advertise on our show?

Get in touch at

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