Film Out

​​BTS announced the release of a new Japanese song, "Film Out" on February 16, 2021. The song was written by BTS member Jungkook in collaboration with Iyori Shimizu, the vocalist of Japanese rock power trio Back Number. It is stated to serve as the ending theme song of the movie Signal the Movie Cold Case Investigation Unit (2021). On March 26, the band released the music video teaser of the song and simultaneously announced the release of a new Japanese-language album, "BTS The Best". The track list was also announced simultaneously. The album contains all of the band's previous Japanese releases since 2017, while including their English-language 2020 single, "Dynamite" as a bonus track.


"Film Out" was released on April 1st, 2021, through Universal Music Japan. The album will be released on Wednesday 16th June.

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  1. M1. Film out

  2. M2. DNA -Japanese ver.-

  3. M3. Best Of Me -Japanese ver.-

  4. M4. Lights

  5. M5. Blood, sweat, tears -Japanese ver.-

  6. M6. FAKE LOVE -Japanese ver.-

  7. M7. Black Swan -Japanese ver.-

  8. M8. Airplane pt.2 -Japanese ver.-

  9. M9. Go Go -Japanese ver.-

  10. M10. IDOL -Japanese ver.-

  11. M11. Dionysus -Japanese ver.-

  12. M12. MIC Drop -Japanese ver.-

  13. Bonus Track: M13. Dynamite


  1. M1. Boy With Luv -Japanese ver.-

  2. M2. Stay Gold

  3. M3. Let Go

  4. M4. Spring Day -Japanese ver.-

  5. M5. ON -Japanese ver.-

  6. M6. Don't Leave Me

  7. M7. Not Today -Japanese ver.-

  8. M8. Make It Right -Japanese ver.-

  9. M9. Your eyes tell

  10. M10. Crystal Snow