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meet the team

The BTS Radio team have put together a small paragraph about themselves including their role, the first song they heard and what BTS mean to them.

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Eve Griffiths

Social Director/UK chart and radio airplay analyser.

First BTS song I heard was Danger on Clubland TV, I was hooked from the first second.


BTS inspires me everyday, to stand up for myself, smile when things are tough, to think about others and to believe in what I do. They have brought myself and my daughter closer too as we both love them and their music.


Marsha Night

Business & Content Director

Radio Bangtan Host

Marsha is the Content & Business Director for BTS Radio UK. She dabbles in design, helps curate and create content for ARMY whilst putting her big girl pants on and liasing with prospective collaborators and businesses. 

First BTS song I heard:


No More Dream debut stage - I have been here since the beginning but I really knew I was ARMY when I watched the MV for 'Boy In Luv'. I was that impressed I threw my shoe at the TV screen! 

What BTS means to me: 

They mean having a home no matter where or who you are in this world.


Katy Szostak

Social Media Team

First song - Dynamite


I found BTS After watching dynamite on YouTube that was it for me I loved them instantly, then mic drop and I was like wow okay they are amazing, there music makes me smile, so I followed them and found so much content, they are such great role models and they make me a happier person.


Megan Devine

Head of Web Design

Hi I'm Megan, I keep the website looking pretty and running smoothly. The first bts song I ever heard was blood sweat and tears but didn't really delve into the world of BTS. Then I saw their mv for boy with luv and thats when I fell. As a band everything about them amazed me down to their concepts and dance routines. BTS mean a lot because I can really relate to their lyrics and messages in their music. They have also opened my ears to the rest of Kpop which I can't get enough of.


Charlotte Murray

Research Director

Hi, I'm Charlie and I'm the head of research! I also write for the blog, including our weekly Spotify Playlist Review. The first BTS song I heard was Dope back in 2015 - I fell in love with their choreo and I've never fallen out of love with them as artists. They mean a lot to me because they have lyrics that resonate a lot with me (especially Tomorrow, their best song imo) and their hardworking attitude makes me keen to never give up.


Onomey Ovien

Research and Playlist Team

Hi, I'm Onomey and I'm part of the research and Spotify playlist team.

I'm a massive football fan and a Liverpool supporter to be exact. I also enjoy gaming, reading and making music in my spare time. I like to say that I have two first BTS songs I've listened to as I had listened to Danger around the same time it was first released because I had a friend who loved keeper and would constantly force me to listen to them.

The other song is DNA which is the song where I fell in love with BTS and started to actively follow them. BTS mean a lot to me and have changed my life for the better. I've met great people who I would class as friends, gained a newfound perspective on how to approach music and regained my passion to dance again. Everything about the boys and what they stand for is what I respect and adore about them.


Holly Simpson

Lead Designer

Hi I’m Holly Simpson one of the designers for BTS Radio U.K. I Graduated with a Fine Art degree , I have been doing digital art for about two years and love learning new ways of making art. 


I found BTS back in 2017 when they released DNA. I saw their music video on YouTube then got hooked. Now I’ve become apart of the ARMY I don’t know where I’d be without BTS beside me.


Shinara Hussain

Editor in chief

Our editor-in-chief is in charge of the BTS Radio UK blog, publishing a variety of articles from playlists and reviews, to more serious articles such as interviews of song writers, authors, and the BLM movement.


An ARMY since January 2017 thanks to being introduced to them by her daughter. Having been recommended to watch a couple of Bangtan Bombs in an effort to bond a bit more over her daughters interest in BTS she just wanted to learn their names. The next thing she knew she had spent the entire night watching one after another falling in love with their personalities and relationship with each other. 


The first BTS song I heard was actually Blood, Sweat and Tears, but while the music video and song was stunning it was actually War of Hormone which cemented me as ARMY. Having been a movie buff and loving photography it was the colour palette and the way the MV was filmed which really attracted me. What really impressed me was the way they tried to do it all in one shot, (at this point I hadn’t seen Save Me yet!)


What BTS mean to me? More than words can say.


Sofiya Crossley

00:00 News Presenter

First BTS song I ever heard- Don’t leave me


I was not one of those fans who became an ARMY the first time I heard their music. It was difficult to make a decision about how I felt because the songs weren’t in English. However, after listening to more of their music (pre-debut) it was clear that they were a group of young, genuine, kind, innocent and honest bunch.

Although, their circumstances were different from mine, they still experienced many issues that most young people experience. The most valuable lessons I took from BTS are-take your negative experiences and turn them into positive ones.

Don’t give up on yourself and follow your dreams. I live every waking moment with BTS in my heart. They give me energy and I just love them all! Not only for their music but also their kindness and love for their fans


Michayla Rapley

Head of Playlists

I'm Michayla, I'm in my 40's, mum of 3 and I am the Playlists Lead.

The first song I heard was Dope and it was that MV that made me ARMY thanks to my Daughter and Nieces. I've seen BTS live 4 times and even though I found them at a very traumatic time in my life, I will always be thankful. I love BTS, I love to write, I love music, so joining BTS Radio UK has been an amazing addition to being ARMY. I may have a small obsession with 'ON' but BTS taught me that I am a fighter.


Cheryl Cherry

Playlist Team 

Hi, I’m Cheryl and I have been an Army since 2017. Having missed the Wings era, Blood Sweat and Tears was the song that introduced me to BTS (thanks to my daughter).  This dance practice and DNA just blew my mind and sent me down the BTS rabbit hole.  

I have a particular weakness for their strong, powerful songs like Dionysus, ON, Not Today, Fake Love and So What to name a few.

I joined the BTS Radio UK team in July 2018 and my role includes the weekly playlist and writing song blogs together with researching questions for interviews.

Although BTS represent the youth of today, us “oldies” can also learn to love ourselves. I found BTS when life for me had changed completely and they continue to bring me a lot of joy. 


Makenzie Brown

Social Media Team

Hi I'm Makenzie , I help with the social media.

My first song I heard from BTS was dynamite on the radio and from then i began to look into the group and that's when i got hooked into there incredible and diverse music but also there personality from watching interviews ect. After a short time I realised that bts has really helped me alot especially through there songs and will forever be grateful to them.

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