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I often find myself wondering who is behind the Fanbases and professional accounts in the UK that support BTS; they seem to be awake and very active 24/7! I’m very lucky that I get to speak to a couple of the people behind these accounts on a daily basis but for the amount of work I know it takes to run an account, I also know it takes a few more than I’ve met. Since we were all put in lock down the BTS Radio UK team have had a little bit more time on their hands and they decided to spend some of it giving each other interviews just for you. Get ready to meet the BTS Radio UK team! Interview 1: Charlie (Head Of Research) speaks to Holly (Designer) C: Hi Holly! So to find out how long you've been an army: What was the first BTS comeback you experienced and what did you think of the whole hype/experience? H: I’ve been an Army since 2017 when I saw DNA on YouTube. My first official comeback was Fake Love, I was so shocked and overwhelmed at how different the fan culture is in Korea and how much more idols are interactive with fans C: Aw nice, an LY era army! My next question is, what makes you proud to be an ARMY? H: That’s a good question. I am most proud of two things, first at how far the boys have come, it shows how dedicated they are. Secondly, at the ARMY because we all come together as a community to raise money/awareness. C: Same, ARMY are such a cute community! I also wanna know: what are your Top 5 BTS songs? (If you were forced to choose!) H: That is a hard question, this in no particular order: 1. Seesaw 2. Spring day 3. We are bulletproof : the Eternal 4. DDAENG 5. Blood, Sweat, and Tears C: I love to see Blood, Sweat, and Tears there hehe. On a day off, or when you're on lock down, how do you spend a typical free day? H: On a typical day I would start by walking dogs, play animal crossing as I am addicted haha, work on a design for the radio, hopefully I’ll bake something and watch something on Netflix C: That sounds so wholesome, going outdoors and baking! Next question is: Do you have a talent/business/profession that you want to take the opportunity to show off or tell us about? H: I love drawing! My friends and I have an Instagram for our BTS drawings called @btsxartbomb (though I haven’t been active recently). I am planning on starting my own business selling prints and stickers but it’s not running yet. C: Nice! I remember you telling us about it before maybe? I've just checked again and I love the art, you and your friends are super talented! Next question: what's your favourite music outside of BTS/kpop? H: Yeah I think I mentioned it a while ago, I need to start drawing again. I don’t listen to much outside of BTS and kpop but I do love artists like Halsey, Lewis Capaldi and Ed Sheeran. C: Same here with Halsey! If you had to perform one song solo at karaoke, what would it be? H: I’ve loved her since her EP's. Mhm... I think I’d sing a vocal song like Euphoria just because I can’t sing so it would be funny. C: Nice, try and do the high note at the end! And finally, if you could suddenly be incredibly skilled at one thing, what would it be? H: Exactly, I would be like RM in that run episode! I would LOVE to know how to dance it’s something I always wanted to be skilled at. Now lets meet Charlie... H: When did you get into BTS? Year/Song/Era C: I started listening to them in 2015 but HYYH era was really confusing for me so it wasn’t until 2016 Wings era that I recognised all the members and became a proper army. H: That would be a confusing place to start but you witnessed the greatness of the Wing era! What is your favourite song? Why? (At the moment if you don’t have a specific one) C: My all-time favourite is Tomorrow, I find it so relatable and it's comforting to know that if you're worried about tomorrow, it'll just become yesterday at some point. The lyrics are really precious to me and I love the choreo too! It's a song that made me realise that BTS' message was important to me. H: I love that song. I think it’s underrated which brings me to my next question, What’s your favourite underrated song? C: Ahhh I would say Tomorrow but I already mentioned it so I'll say Boyz With Fun! It's my ultimate feel-good song. H: Such a good hype song!! Have you ever been to a BTS Concert? If so which one? And what was your experience like? C: I went to the O2 on Day 2 and it was so surreal, I felt so intimidated but also safe seeing BTS on stage? But I was on the floor so it was crowded and hectic!! I also went to Wembley day 2, I was lucky enough to win a ticket from @JhopeUK and while I was really high up, it was so amazing and I got to hear Outro: Wings live!! And singing Young Forever to them...that completed me, I cried ugly tears it was so unbelievably emotional. H: I went O2 day one on the floor so I completely agree with you and don’t worry I ugly cried too! What is your favourite BTS meme? Or famous funny quote? C: Ooooh... This is a good one. The BTS whisper challenge is one of my all-time favourite episodes of run BTS so I love lachimolala!! H: That episode! I rewatched that scene so much!! What do you do for a living? Or what is your career goal? C: At the moment I'm doing a digital marketing apprenticeship, after that I'm not sure what my career goal is, just to work somewhere I'm comfy at, where I can work with people I like. H: Fair enough working with a good team is important. What are you interested in besides BTS? Other kpop groups? Shows? Dancing? Etc. C: I love a bunch of other kpop groups, and I love dance so I love learning kpop dances! My university had a kpop dance society and my home city has a club too so that's what I love to do! I also love writing although having the motivation to write a whole thing is so difficult so lately I just write little scenario things. I also love a lot of TV shows which I cycle through being obsessed with, like teen wolf, drag race, ugly Betty etc. H: Do you guys post videos? (before lockdown) Nice I love teen wolf (STYLES) and Drag Race! Is there a skill/ hobby you’d like to learn? C: We did post videos! Oooh shameless plug: search for UOB Kcover on YouTube! The one I attend at home started up right before lockdown so we just learn over zoom and haven't filmed covers yet but hopefully one day we will. I'd love to learn to speak Korean, I keep trying and then forgetting to keep at it but I'd love to be able to understand vlives and speak in another language. H: Oh I’m going to have a look at some videos. I’m the same I need to study daily but I’m forgetful. A random fact about yourself? C: Hmm I'm really bad at getting up early and I have to be on my phone checking chats and twitter for at least half an hour before I feel awake enough to get out of bed and not fall back asleep! (I recommend the loona love4eva cover as it's one that I'm in!!) H: This is the last question. What’s a piece of advice you’d tell someone? C: Ooh I'll say this: don't live your life worrying about what other people will think if you do something. put your happiness first because life's too short. If something's making you unhappy, speak up about it! Thank you for taking the time out to get to know the BTS Radio UK team. Want to promote your ARMY business or talk to us about your fanbase? Drop us an email at

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