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I often find myself wondering who is behind the Fanbases and professional accounts in the UK that support BTS; they seem to be awake and very active 24/7! I’m very lucky that I get to speak to a couple of the people behind these accounts on a daily basis but for the amount of work I know it takes to run an account, I also know it takes a few more than I’ve met.

Since we were all put in lock down the BTS Radio UK team have had a little bit more time on their hands and they decided to spend some of it giving each other interviews just for you.

Our series concludes with this final interview between Marsha and Megan.

Interview 5: Marsha (Business & Content Director) interviews Megan (Website Designer)

M: First of all thank you for talking to me, this is such a great opportunity to get to know the team better. So, tell me a bit about yourself, the usual stuff.

M: I’m Megan I’m 26, I have only been army for 2 years and have now been sucked into the k-pop world; but I’m not complaining!

M: How did you get into BTS?

M: I started off like everyone else did and fell into the trap of googling their names after seeing their Boy With Luv performance on Britain’s Got Talent. I just got into them when they were touring London which is devastating to miss out on that concert

M: What other music do you like? Do you have any artists/songs to recommend?

M: I’m really into psychedelic and alternative, such as bands like Tame Impala and The Neighbourhood; which I recommend everyone to listen to.

M: How did you find Radio UK and come to work with them?

M: I saw an advertisement on a Facebook group I am in, and have always been creative at university so wanted to put that to use again!

M: What's it like working with them?

M: I enjoy it so much and getting involved in different tasks. Everyone is really nice and caring.

M: What do you do for work?

M: I’m a visual merchandiser for a retail store.

M: Do you enjoy it? I know you can do really long hours from time to time?

M: Yes I enjoy it, it’s a challenge from time to time but I always like a challenge.

M: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? Do you have a dream job?

M: I think I would really like to move aboard but with the same profession; mainly to explore how other countries work differently with the same stock we do.

M: How do you spend your free time?

M: I like to draw I’ve started on a little series of Studio Ghibli sketches over my time in lockdown, I am also currently running an Instagram account for my sisters dog.

M: Ooo, can you share a sneak peak?

M: Speaking of free time, a little birdy tells me that you have a little business. Can you tell us a little bit more about that?

M: Yes it’s pretty new but it’s a k-pop store for subtle fan merch with my friend.

M: What kind of things do you sell there?

M: Mainly photocards, jewellery and accessories. We have also had different prints in the past.

M: For anyone that wants to check out your store, how would they find you?

M: We are @nojamsdesigns on Instagram and Etsy!

M: To end off the interview, could you tell us what BTS means to you and how they have influenced your daily life?

M: I think they go beyond just a music taste, it may sound strange but they have given me confidence in myself. Funnily enough they have taught me to cook from watching run and Bon voyage and opened my eyes/ears to other k-pop bands.

Now lets get to know Marsha …..

M: What makes BTS stand out for you as an artist?

M: I am a musician myself and I've always been drawn to artists that speak on real life situations and things that could be considered controversial such as Mental Health, Sexuality etc. BTS make music about anything and everything and it comes from the heart, using their own personal and relatable experiences to tell a story that's every bit as real as the person telling it.

M: What's the BTS song you most relate to?

M: There's so many that I relate to for different reasons but Spring Day has a special place in my heart.

M: Have BTS inspired you in any way e.g to learn new skills?

M: They've helped me to be able to sing in Korean which is great fun and I love making covers of their songs in the language intended. I'm still slowly learning the Korean language.

M: How are you finding learning?

M: Very slow haha! I am also learning coding and some other bits so I'm just picking it up whenever I have the time at the moment.

M: What do you do for a profession?

M: I have my own business in Social Media Management and I am a healthcare worker. I work for a trust that looks after people who have complex medical and learning conditions.

M: Can you tell us more about your social media business?

M: I manage social media accounts and run websites for a few businesses. My speciality is in engagement and content creation. It's a relatively new venture but I hope it takes off enough to create work for others.

M: What have you been doing to keep busy in lock down?

M: Luckily I've been able to continue going to work as working in healthcare, someone's got to look after the patients. Its definitely kept me sane! When I have free time with my partner, we play games or just chill out and watch a film.

M: Favourite artist or genre apart from BTS?

M: I don't really have a favourite genre, I like all sorts of music, like; The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Tove Lo, Billie Eilish, The Beatles, Halsey, Pentatonix and so much more! I've been listening to Korean music since around 2002.

M: If you could have any profession of your choice realistic or non realistic what would it be?

M: I go back and forth on this one a lot. My dream profession was always to be a singer. I guess I realised it in a way as I do sing in bands and also do covers on YouTube and attempt to write my own songs. The other profession that I consider quite a lot is Veterinary Surgeon. I cannot tell you how much I love animals and getting to help them feel better and just being someone they can trust to do their best for them is such an amazing job.

M: What covers do you enjoy doing the most?

M: I enjoy all the covers I do! I find the Korean covers I've done to be challenging at times with pronunciation as I want to get it right but they are generally the more fulfilling ones.

M: Can we have the link to your YouTube?

M: Marsha MooMoo

M: If you were an animal what would you be?

M: I would be a fox. They are such beautiful creatures and have an infectious laugh

Thank you for taking the time out to get to know the BTS Radio UK team. If you'd like to promote your ARMY business or talk to us about your fanbase then why not drop us an email at

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