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I often find myself wondering who is behind the Fanbases and professional accounts in the UK that support BTS; they seem to be awake and very active 24/7! I’m very lucky that I get to speak to a couple of the people behind these accounts on a daily basis but for the amount of work I know it takes to run an account, I also know it takes a few more than I’ve met.

Since we were all put in lock down the BTS Radio UK team have had a little bit more time on their hands and they decided to spend some of it giving each other interviews just for you.

Get ready to meet the BTS Radio UK team!

Interview 2: Shinara (Editor-In-Chief) interviews Katy (Social Team)

S: Hi Katy, I’m so glad that we have this opportunity to connect a little. Please introduce yourself to our readers; who is Katy?

K: I'm 31 and have 4 children, one has ASD so most of my time is spent with him, I love singing, love dancing and I love BTS.

S: Having the schools closed must make it more difficult. How are you spending your free time?

K: Right now my free time is watching BTS content, listening to music and working with BTS Radio UK, and watching movies.

S: Has your musical taste had any influence on the kids? Do any of them listen to BTS?

K: Yes my daughter loves them, my 2 year old also loves them, he’s even learnt their names and he’s obsessed with BT21 Tata.

S: Do you have any hidden talents, or do you have any talents that you'd like to highlight?

K: Not that I know of!

S: What are your hobbies?

K: Listening to music, dancing, singing.

S: Dancing and singing sound like hidden talents to me. Have you ever performed in front of anyone?

K: Yes, I have I performed from a young age on stage with a dance school, I also studied performing arts at college for 4 years.

S: How has life changed since the pandemic, how are you coping with it?

K: Quite difficult at times actually, I don't know how I'm still sane I think I'm doing okay.

S: It has been tough all round, especially for those with young children. I was never an outdoor person myself, but even I have found it tough being stuck indoors all the time. So tell us, when and how did you discover BTS?

K: August 2020; on YouTube, Dynamite came up so I watched the MV.

S: That’s so interesting, what made you click on the video? What about them would you say drew you in?

K: Their dancing!

S: So I guess Dynamite was the first BTS song you heard, what did you think about it?

K: I loved it.

S: You’re a relatively new ARMY, what has the experience been like?

K: Yes. I’ve loved my experience of being a new army. I have learnt so much about BTS.

S: One of the main things all ARMY say is that it’s their lyricism and their words which connects them the most with BTS. What’s your favourite BTS lyrics and why?

K: I have a quite a few, there’s so many I love, I can't choose.

S: Totally understand that, which BTS song resonates with you the most and why?

K: Hmmm.. Probably Just Dance, because I love to just dance.

S: Name your Top 10 BTS songs, and which would be your no.1?

K: Black swan


Mic drop

Life goes on

Fake love


Spring day


Blue and grey


That was hard because I love them all!

S: Why would you say Black Swan is your no.1?

K: Because the dancing is incredible, and I just love the song so much.

S: Black Swan is definitely a masterpiece in my opinion. Do you have a favourite BTS MV?

K: Dynamite because it was the first MV I watched and it’s so fun and full of energy!

S: I get that, I think 1st impressions are what stick with us, even though I love all their tracks one of the reasons why I answer Spring Day as my favourite song as it was my 1st comeback. Which member of BTS do you think you're most similar to?

K: I actually don't know

S: Do you have a bias?

K: OT7 for me, I love them all. Tae and JK at first but now I've got to know them all I can't choose.

S: What about BTS inspires you?

K: I could go on; their dancing, their singing, they are such good role models, and they make me happy.

S: Do you own any BTS merchandise? What would you say is your most precious/prized one?

K: BTS BE Deluxe I own two one opened one still sealed.

S: Have you been to a BTS concert?

K: Nope not yet

S: Hopefully one day soon, I have my fingers crossed for you. So what made you want to be a part of BTS Radio UK?

K: I'm very into social media more so now, I just started up twitter after a few years of not being on it. I came back for BTS and I saw the application, and I just wanted to give it a go!

That’s brilliant, I hope that you are enjoying working with the team; I know we’ve love having you with us. Thank you for having this chat with me, it’s been really great learning more about you!

Now lets meet Shinara…….

K: Hi Shinara please introduce yourself a little.

S: Hi Katy, Mum of one, Wife, Housewife non-extraordinaire. I’m an older army, turning 45 in literally 2 weeks… yikes! I have been with BTS Radio UK since day one, and have watched it grow steadily and surely. I’m proud of our little group and the way we conduct ourselves. Always working hard but quietly.

K: How did you find BTS and what attracted you to them?

S: I found them through my daughter, she had shown me pictures etc beforehand, but I wasn't interested. In January of 2017, my husband left to go abroad, and my daughter went to see him off, she had left YouTube on TV as she had been watching some of their performances and it continued to play while I was working on the laptop. 4 hours later when she returned it was still on and she put on their MAMA 2016 performance, I watched J-hope and a blindfolded Jimin as they performed and I thought hmm. She then played several other performances as she told me and her aunt more about them. I was interested to know their names (I know) as she was so excited about them. Recommending their Bangtan Bombs etc I pretty much stayed up all night just watching their content and falling for their personalities.

K: What was the first BTS song you heard?

S: Their 1st song I heard was Blood Sweat and Tears, but that wasn’t the song that made me Army, that honour goes to War of Hormone!

K: How long have you been an ARMY?

S: Since January 8th 2017 😬

K: What are your top 5 favourite BTS songs and why?

S: That’s so difficult to choose because they are all so good and depends on the mood at the time. At a push I will say Spring Day (as that was my 1st comeback and it holds a special place for me), War of Hormone, Black Swan, Pied Piper, 134340, Telepathy, Blue & Grey, Intro Skool Luv Affair, 2nd Grade... Yeah… I can’t choose 5. Next question!

K: How long did it take you to learn BTS' names?

S: Lol... a couple of hours at most?

K: Which is your favourite BTS choreography?

S: Hands down, Danger... that dance practice makes me catch my breath

K: Which member of BTS do you find the funniest?

S: They are all hilarious, especially when they're together!

K: What do you do in your free time?

S: Mostly working on Radio UK stuff. Reading, watching movies, listening to music, annoying my husband. I have a few ideas rattling around my head, just need to know for sure before I take that 1st step.

K: What's your favorite colour?

S: It's always been purple, even before BTS

K: What's your favourite drink?

S: I don't think I really have one

K: What’s your favourite animal?

S: I like cats, they're very independent

K: Do you have any talents?

S: I don't think I have any. I like art, just not very good at it. My fault really, as with anything practice makes you better and the last time I did any was almost 25 years ago... maybe even more

K: What would be your ideal way to spend the weekend?

S: I would love to spend it by the sea. Just sit there, listening and watching the waves. It’s very calming.

K: What are three interesting facts about you?

S: I went back to formal studying at university after almost 25 years and achieved 1st class in my BA Hons… I hardly brag about my achievements but that is one I am very proud of.

I went to my 1st ever concert at the age of 41!

I am a shopaholic

K: What do you spend the most time thinking about?

S: Starting a business, growing BTS Radio UK, interviewing BTS

K: Do you own any BTS merchandise?

S: DO I?... Yes, Yes I do

K: What is your favourite BTS MV?

S: So many, Spring Day (My Queen), War of Hormone, Black Swan, For You, Boy With Luv, BST (Japanese version)...and so on

K: What do you love about BTS ARMY?

S: How they will come together as a force for good. They encourage and support those who need it, they do not hesitate to support good causes. They will go to the ends of the earth to support the Boys in their achievements, fighting for what they deserve. They never give up.

K: Have you been to a BTS concert?

S: Yes, I've been very lucky and privileged enough to see them at the O2 and Wembley

K: Which member of BTS is your bias?

S: All 7

K: How long have you been with BTS Radio UK and what do you love about working with them?

S: I have been with BTS Radio UK since its inception, when total strangers came together to do what we could to get BTS the recognition they deserved on UK Radio. It has been an uphill battle, and it still is. But every step forward, no matter how small, is a success; something we can build on. I love our team, they are all so hard-working; unless you’re running something like BTS Radio UK you don't actually know how much work goes into it. Gathering information, making sure it is up-to-date and accurate, creating graphics to inform ARMY, answering their queries and questions, contacting stations/organisations, all the while being engaging yet professional... it can all be very stressful (especially during comeback time), and yet so much fun and rewarding. Each one of the team members is a star because they all do it without complaint, all for the love of seven talented men.

Thank you Shinara for this interview. It was great getting to know you.

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