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Our At Home with BTS Radio UK mini-series will show you the day to day routine of some of our team members. As lockdown during this pandemic continues many of us have had our normal lives disrupted, and our team have also had to adapt to all the changes. With the imminent release of BTS' BE Essential Edition just around the corner things are starting to get busier, and this little behind the scenes will show you how we do what we do! 💜

At home with BTS Radio UK – Eve Griffiths

Hi I’m Eve. My role within in BTS Radio UK is social, stats and website team manager plus UK radio station research. I joined BTS Radio UK about 2 years ago and it has been full on every day since, but it’s also been exciting and really fulfilling to see how our team have been able to work together to make headways into getting BTS played on UK radio stations. We’ve also been able to produce our own Radio Bangtan. For my day job I work as a Quality Manager for the Cervical Screening Administration Service, we ensure women across England receive invitations to attend smear tests and that the results from those tests are correctly updated onto each of their records. Cervical Screening tests are not a test for Cancer, they are a test to prevent Cancer. Uptakes of smear tests are at an all-time low, please, please when you receive your invitation book your test. More helpful advice and information can be found here:

My working from home routine:

6.30am – Alarm starts ringing 😕, even though I’m at home I can’t get out of my old morning routine

7.00am- First cup of coffee and morning news

8.30am – First meeting of the day

9.00am – Make sure home school has started.

Stream BTS while working/check BTS Radio UK social accounts and team chats every now and again

12.00pm – Exercise for the day

Stream BTS while working – sometimes leave them playing on low during meetings 😊

3.00pm – Work over

Still checking BTS Radio UK social accounts a lot more frequently now

5.00pm – Tea’s ready

6.00pm – Time to work on BTS Radio UK, social media schedules, interact with UK radio stations, new ideas meetings, plan playlists, keep in contact with the teams, make sure everyone knows what they are doing and if they need any support.

Write blog pieces... 😊

9.00pm – Get to bed, watch some Netflix and try to get to sleep before 11pm.

I’ve only just recently been approved to work from home and getting used to working from the desk in my Son’s bedroom has been hard to get used to. It’s isolating and strange, home and work start to blur but it feels safer than being in an office during a global pandemic. It’s made me appreciate my family that is every day and the family I know only see via screens or one to one in the park when it’s nice weather. It’s also made me appreciate my BTS Radio UK family, we chat about nothing and everything, distract ourselves from the madness but also talk it all out when it gets too much, plus BTS just brighten every day.

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