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Our At Home with BTS Radio UK mini-series will show you the day to day routine of some of our team members. As lockdown during this pandemic continues many of us have had our normal lives disrupted, and our team have also had to adapt to all the changes. With the imminent release of BTS' BE Essential Edition just around the corner things are starting to get busier, and this little behind the scenes will show you how we do what we do! 💜

At home with BTS Radio UK - Holly Simpson

Hi, I'm Holly. I'm 24 years old, and I have been an ARMY since 2017, ever since YouTube recommended DNA and I've never looked back. I have been working as the designer at BTS Radio UK for over a year, I make the graphic posts that go on social media. I enjoy working with the team as it gives me a chance to expand my graphic design skills and I love getting more of the ARMY involved with us. At the moment I am currently not working as I graduated just before lockdown started. I have been actively looking for work daily and applying for the jobs that interest me and my career goal. Most of my days involve playing with my dogs, designing, and learning new skills.

11am - I did some baking, I made some Victoria Sponge Cupcakes. They were very delicious, everyone loved them.

2pm - I played animal crossing, I bought myself a Nintendo switch a few months ago and I’ve been obsessed since.

4pm - I worked on some designs for BTS Radio UK today, these were ones I have been working on for our new Instagram layout.

6pm - I walked my two dogs Rocky and Archie, today it had been raining so the dogs were very muddy.

9pm - I started watching Demon Slayer, it’s an anime which came onto Netflix recently, so I decided to try watching it; and I agree with all the hype! I watched it until 2am.

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