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Our At Home with BTS Radio UK mini-series will show you the day to day routine of some of our team members. As lockdown during this pandemic continues many of us have had our normal lives disrupted, and our team have also had to adapt to all the changes. With the imminent release of BTS' BE Essential Edition just around the corner things are starting to get busier, and this little behind the scenes will show you how we do what we do! 💜

At home with BTS Radio UK - Michayla Rapley

Hi, I'm Michayla, I'm 41 and I have three kids, two of whom are currently learning from home. My Daughter is year 11 and my Son is in year 8. I am a credit controller for a shipping company at the docks near where I live but am working from home at the moment. My role within BTS Radio UK is being team leader of the Playlist team. I lead our meetings once a week and put the weekly blog piece and poll together. 6.30am My day starts with feeding all my pets. I have 9 cats and 2 dogs.

7.30am Time to sit down with a cuppa. I need to have 30 minutes between eating and drinking so breakfast comes later. I start work at 9am. I've found it challenging when working from home and having to find a new routine from the one I have when I go to work. I had bariatric surgery two years ago so I have rules to abide by and everything has to be planned.

8.45am - My Daughter ready to start her day with a little help from Dougal on her lap. She has some live lessons amongst all the work, but her biggest challenge (and mine) is getting her to take a break.

1pm - Back to work after having lunch. Spent my lunch hour streaming MVs and thinking about ideas for future playlist themes. I have an audience it would seem. I used to work at the dining table when I first started working from home but moved to the sofa because my back was in pieces at the end of the day and my dogs wouldn't leave me alone. Now they can sit with me and my back is saved.

6pm - I've finished work for the day, logged off remotely and now I can put together the playlist for BTS Radio UK.

Sometimes it feels like the days are longer when working from home but even with the challenges, I think I prefer it because my working environment otherwise, isn't kind to my mental health.

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