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Ademola Sunmisola

BangBangCon'21 is finally over after a whole lot of anticipation and an eight-hour long fun-filled moment for Armys all over the world, here’s my take on the concert and what I think about it.

The concert started as early as 7am in my timezone and I couldn’t sleep in anticipation of it because this was my first time watching BangBangCon, and the concerts and muster that were included in the setlist. At the time BangBangCon started, the official hashtag #BANGBANGCON21 was No. 1 on top trends with over a million tweets and in the first five minutes of it starting, it had 2.7 million concurrent viewers surpassing last year’s 2.24 million viewers record.

The first concert shown was the BTS LIVE TRILOGY: BTS BEGINS (MEMORIES OF 2015) where they performed songs such as their debut title No More Dream and other songs like JUMP, N.O, WAR OF HORMONE, MISS RIGHT, BOYS WITH FUN, DANGER and many more. The songs were from their SKOOL trilogy albums and their DARK AND WILD album which I’d recommend for you to listen to if you haven’t yet. I love and appreciate the fact that BigHit Music added an early BTS concert to the setlist because the debut days BTS are also an important part of the BTS we all know and love today, during their performances you could see the love and passion they had for music and being on stage even though they were still a relatively new group. My favourite part of the concert was when they were talking among themselves about themselves, their sincerity and admiration for each other is one of the things I love about them. My favourite performance was the WE ARE BULLETPROOF: PT 2 performance, it was so energetic and fun and baby rapper Jungkook was something every Army needed to see, I also loved the Born Singer performance, the performance was so emotional that it made me tear up.

The second show on the setlist was the BTS 5th MUSTER [Magic Shop] in BUSAN where they performed a mix of both old and new songs including songs like 2! 3!, Spine Breaker and Ma City (Old) and HOME, Love Maze and Boy With Luv (New). The old songs were from their SKOOL trilogy albums while the new ones were from their LOVE YOURSELF trilogy and MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA albums which I’d also recommend for listening and streaming if you haven’t yet. My favourite performance was the IDOL performance, it was so cultural and colourful and I also loved Magic Shop, it’s such a calming and soothing song. The 5th Muster in Busan might just be my favourite out of all the musters.

BTS at 5th Muster in Busan

The third and final show on the setlist was the LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF CONCERT in SAO PAULO where they performed songs such as OUTRO: WINGS, DOPE, NOT TODAY, BEST OF ME and Boy With Luv from their Wings, The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Young Forever, You Will Never Walk Alone, Love Yourself trilogy and Map of The Soul: Persona albums respectively. This concert was so fun and filled with enthusiasm, I really admire and appreciate the energy of the Brazilian Army’s they were singing word for word for every song on the setlist. They were so energetic and enthusiastic that I could feel their energy from my screen. My favourite performance(s) of the concert were the solo performances, each member brought something different to the stage and they all portrayed their musical diversity very well. I definitely will be re-watching this particular concert sometime.

BTS at LY:SY concert in Sao Paulo, Brazil

For this year’s Bangbangcon, we got BTS’ music videos in between the concert videos. Even though the whole concert was eight-hour long, it seemed really short because BTS makes everything look fun and I was really sad to see it ended.

After the end of the concert “ThankYouBTS” and “BANGBANGCON21" were at no.4 and no.5 of the top trends with 98.2K and 3.1M tweets respectively and it had a total of 22,248,241 (22.2 million) views and a total of 2,775,947 likes.

The end of the concert was celebrated with Army’s making all of BTS' discography entering the iTunes charts in the US and Japan.

Bangbangcon’21 was really refreshing, exciting and fun and I hope BigHit Music makes it a yearly event for BTS and ARMYs worldwide.

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