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As you may already be aware by the trending hashtags on Twitter, the newest Global ARMY song for 2019 to celebrate ARMY anniversary, "See You There", has recently been released by Gracie Ranan, aka @dailyhoping.

If you haven't managed to catch the 201 Global Army song, "We'll be Fine", keep reading as Marsha at BTS Radio UK caught up with Gracie to talk to her about the new release.

Gracie, Thank you so much for taking the time out to chat with me today and answer some questions from our team.

Hello, thank you for having me it’s such an honor to be here. 

First of all, for those who may not be familiar with you and your work, could you give us a little bit of a mini biography?

My name is Gracie Ranan and I’m a singer songwriter from Taiwan. I have been writing songs since I was 14 but I was too shy to share them. I tend to have a personality where I listen and give others advice, but when it comes to me I would bottle it up. So songwriting was simply a way for me to express my emotion without exploding on others. However, after some time I started to slowly reveal them to the world, until I had enough courage to really produce it properly and publish them. I started writing the global army song since 2017 so this is my 3rd year writing them. How long have you been listening to BTS? I started listening to them early 2015 (right before HYYH) so about 4 years. How would you introduce/explain BTS to someone who has never heard of them? Which song(s) would you pick for those people to listen to really understand the messages in their songs? I believe BTS goes beyond music. When people hear the name BTS, it is easily associated with KPOP, fashion, dance moves and beautiful visuals. However people tend to never really look deeper into what they represent in this generation. They are a group of seven guys that are using their platform to raise awareness about certain things politicians, well known people, and society tend to avoid. They are a symbol of hope, and encouragement to the people; not just from this generation but to all. That every single person out there matters, and their existence is precious. BTS is a movement that uses music to create a butterfly effect that changes the world for the better. Most people will only see the record breaking charts, but if they’ll listen to BTS without prejudice, they’ll know the real reason why they’re breaking charts. Let's talk about your Global ARMY Songs, how does it feel to have received 1.3 million views on YouTube for the 2018 Global Army Song "We'll be fine"? I feel very honored and humbled. I’m still in shock and will get used to the feeling. However, it warms my heart that a simple 4 chord song can bring so much unity in people. The power that music has is really indescribable. Source: YouTube - @dailyhoping

You have just released this year's Global ARMY song "See you there", how do you feel about doing this twice now and the reception you have had for both? To be honest, I was really pressured because it’s a very long process and I was also preparing to graduate from high school so I was also afraid I wouldn’t have enough time to finish it. Apart from that, since “We’ll be Fine” did so well I was nervous to present a new song that needed the same passion as the first song. This year is the third time I’m creating a global army song project so the pressure of having a successful comeback was quite overwhelming, but it was ARMY’s encouragement that really kept me going. Thankfully everything went well and I am very relieved that the core message of the song was delivered. 

As for the records, the number of views is definitely astonishing but I believe the fact that more people felt the core message of the song and feel the reassurance and comfort is what’s most important. I feel happy when they’re happy. Was there a formula for which lyric to be sung in which language for the song as they flow so beautifully? I asked my team to translate the song into their native language with the exact number of syllables and rhythm counts. Then I asked them to write the translation in romanization form. I would then spend about 5-7 days trying to distribute the lines while making sure the flow doesn’t sound awkward. (A lot of me trying to sing the demo and match the translated lyrics). How many different languages were in the song? There was 35 languages in the song. The song is very deep and meaningful, how did you come up with the theme and story of the lyrics? I wrote this song in 2017 after making a promise to myself to give myself a chance to dream. I think a lot of young people could relate to the feeling of being stuck, and a lot of times we don’t allow ourselves to take a step outside our comfort zone. And most of the time, it is because we believe we don’t have a voice in this world; a whalien. It was after the YNWA album came out that I was reminded that even though life’s road can be dangerous and painful. I’m not alone.  I’m allowed to dream and I deserve it. BTS chased their dreams no matter how hard life hit, so I no longer have to be afraid to chase mine, because they have reassured me that it is okay to give myself a chance to dream. That is how the theme of the song came to be. I came back to the song 2 years later and asked a friend of mine to add a rap verse to make the BTS lyric references more evident, but other than a couple of words, I kept the original lyrics of the song.

So many beautiful voices came together and the harmonies with so many different levels are beautiful to hear, how did you choose who to put where and how did you blend the harmonies? I announced on my Twitter page for auditions and recruitment late March 2019. More than 300 people auditioned and I manually went through every single one of them to see if their voice would match the vibe and also to make sure the pitch and their voice is within the song’s range. The video is also very lifting and has such a sweet sentiment behind it, can you tell us a little about who you worked with on the video and the process? I reached out to a friend of mine named Rachel who does incredible video edits if she was willing to work with me. She happens to be a well known ARMY editor in the fandom so I told her my ideas and we brainstormed together how we could make the video make a bigger impact than last year. We wanted to show the general public the diversity in the fandom that represents the entirety of ARMY. It was a lot of ideas back and forth and I am so honored and thankful for her dedication and for making my vision into a visual masterpiece. As a songwriter and composer, do you think BTS have changed the way you think about songwriting and music? Growing up I’ve always thought music and songwriting was a form of releasing my own pain and frustration, but BTS taught me that music can be a tool to help others in ways that other things cannot do. To be able to comfort people through music; in a way, it also comforts me. When I sing about a story that many people can relate to, it creates a community. A community of people that understands you and comfort each other. Music is no longer just a tool to vent my frustrations, but a way to help and comfort others. I want to continue to grow to become a musician that helps people. What would you say is the most important difference, BTS have had on you as a person? When you visit any of my social medias, you would find that my username is called “Dailyhoping” and it comes from a promise that I made to myself that during the darkest of days, there will always be hope after the storm. I think meeting BTS has made me hopeful. And it is through that daily hope that I have something to look forward to in life and not just give up despite how harsh life treats me. I have learned that I can be my own hope. How would you describe BTS in three nouns/adjectives? Irreplaceable, Life Changing, World’s Needed Change. Same question to describe ARMY? Love, a Voice, Movement. Have you ever experienced trolls on your social media due to being more in the public eye as such and if so, how do you deal with them? I believe as more people know know about my music or account, trolls are inevitable. I never wanted to be this exposed really in the public eye because you are prone to people making up things about you or taking your words out of context. I think I have just learned to be careful of what I say and also not to let my emotions get the best of me (I’m still struggling about this), because I do tend to let some hate comments get to me. I think its more on being more the bigger person especially being seen in a platform where not everyone will agree with you or like you. And finally we come to the bonus question...What does ARMY mean to you? It's easy to say ARMY is my family, but I wanna elaborate on that because like a family there are days when your opinions will clash and you won’t get along; but at the end of the day family sticks together and fight for each other and that connection and loyalty is unexplained. It's almost ridiculous to explain the bond ARMY has and I just love them very very much. ARMY is the only community that I trust and will always stand by. Thank you to Gracie for speaking with us, you can catch the amazing "See you there" on the link below. Source: @dailyhoping The is now also available for streaming on Spotify: See You There Images courtesy of @dailyhoping and @emmagfxc

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