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At the heart of BTS Radio UK is our mission to hear BTS played on UK radio stations in regular rotations. It is evident that BTS do not get the radio play listing that other artists of their calibre generally receive. This is where BTS ARMY can help.


Work is needed to get them the airplay they deserve and we do this by politely requesting BTS to be played and by thanking the radio stations that play them.
To help you we have created infographics that give you hints and tips of how to request via multiple avenues and graphics containing contact details of the top 6 radio stations in the UK.

Keep scrolling and you will see a link to the email template we put together for you to use.

Because radio stations like to know that they are attracting listeners in the their local areas, we have put together twitter lists to direct you to your local area and you can use our map pinpointing all the radio stations that have played BTS since we began tracking.

Let us know if you find any request shows and we can add them to our calendar!

Map Of UK Radio Shows

Here is a map of all the radio stations that have previously played bts.

UK Radio Shows By Region

For specific radio stations in your area, click the links below

Channel island

Yorkshire and Humber

West Midlands

South West

South East

Northern Ireland

North West

North East

National Radio

Internet Radio

Greater London

East of England

East Midlands

Radio Request Guides

Details For Radio Stations

Need Help With A Radio Request?

Contact us at for a template.

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