J-hope’s solo album, as expressed in the title of the album “Jack In The Box,” represents his aspirations to break the mold and grow further.

Starting with his pre-released track to be released on July 1st, diverse content to show j-hope’s creative identity as an artist will be introduced.Please stay tuned and we will continue to provide you with more details on the album.

We hope that you look forward to “Jack In The Box” and send j-hope your love and support as he takes his first step as a solo artist.

J-Hope's new album #JackInTheBox will be released 5am BST 15th July. A pre-release track 'More' will be available 5am BST 1st July. 

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*Best way to find music on iTunes via app & desktop is search 'J-hope' artist profile. In each category single,

music video & album, sort by release date, first in the list should be 'Jack in the Box & Arson'