The BTS ARMY have been described as the most organised fan-base in history. We get organised by tracking BTS' musical stats. Here's what our stats team have been and will continue to be putting together for you.

Life Goes On Stats

iTunes Singles

#1094(-275) Life Goes On

#149(+31) Dynamite


iTunes Album

#218(+191) #BTS_BE 


iTunes Music Video

Life Goes On - N/A

Dynamite AirPlay Figures

August- 3,088

September- 5,815

October- 5,083

November- 02.11 - 1,102


Total : 15,088

Let’s take a look at some of BTS’ achievements in the UK so far from past come:

Here are BTS’ achievements on the UK chart so far.

BTS are also BRIT certified:

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