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stop asian hate in the uk 

Several reports in recent months have highlighted a rise in racist attacks towards East and South Eastern Asians around the world.

We at BTS Radio UK would like to support the voices of people that have been directly affected by this in the UK. As a group that enjoys the privilege of Asian culture we believe we should be part of the solution and support groups working to end xenophobia and racism. 

To continue our efforts to help increase awareness of the growing levels of racism and hate crimes in the UK, here are some organisations that work to Stop Asian Hate in the UK.

For more information on a joint response from academics, politicians, professionals and organisations who come from and represent the East Asian and South East Asian communities in the UK, click the link below.

Response to the Call for Evidence on Ethnic Disparities and Inequality in the UK


ESA Scotland are a non-profit organisation that work specifically but not exclusively, with the most under represented and vulnerable members of the East and Southeast Asian community in Scotland. They offer vulnerable migrants a chance to learn English converse with each other through social events online and vouchers for supermarkets so they can buy basic necessities. They need the UK and Scottish Government to do better and fund organisations like theirs to be able to provide more services. 

Please take the time to visit their website and social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook to find out more about their organisation and how you can help.

The Asian Leadership Collective strives to increase and amplify leadership representation of East & South East Asian communities within companies and organisations across professional sectors in the UK.

They look to build a space and community where discussion, ideas, and, best practice knowledge around business acumen and leadership journeys can be shared.

Issues of anti Asian sentiment, racism, microaggressions, unconscious bias are very harmful & companies lack of ESEA knowledge can harm the community. Please take a look at their social media and visit their website for lots of ways to get involved.


Kanlunganuk is a registered charity established to: 1) Advance education and training of Filipinos & Southeast & East Asian migrants in enhancing their welfare and improving their social conditions

2) Promote economic welfare and help alleviate hardship and distress amongst Filipinos and other migrant communities;

3) Raise awareness of Filipinos on socio-economic, political and cultural conditions within the Philippines which engender forced migration, in the United Kingdom, Europe and other parts of the world, especially in those areas of public life that directly affect them;

4) Build solidarity with migrant organisations of other nationalities and peoples who have similar aims and objectives. 

Please check out their social media channels and website for more information about initiatives you can be involved in and ways to donate:


Southeast and East Asian Centre (SEEAC) strives to make change in our society so that members of Southeast and East Asian communities in the UK can live without social exclusion and isolation, to be free from discrimination, exploitation and poverty, and to be able to make positive contributions to the wider British society. With the experience and expertise of some established community leaders and organisations, they aim to provide essential support to members of the wider range of communities reaching out to some of the most under-represented groups. One of their missions is to promote and preserve cultures and heritages of Southeast and East Asia communities through documentation, representation, performance, education and cultural exchanges.

Please take a look at their website and social media channels for ways to be involved and how to donate.


Besea.n is a non-profit, grassroots organisation founded by six East & South East Asian (ESEA) women, whose mission is to tackle negative stereotypes and to promote positive media representation of ESEA people in the UK. 

They aim to provide information to help people understand more about ESEA culture and its communities, providing resources to help individuals, organisations and businesses to represent ESEA cultures positively and respectfully, employing current terminology to combat erasure.

Please check out their website and social media channels on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more to find ways to help and donate to support the ESEA community in the UK.


Hackney Chinese Community Services were founded in 1985 and continue to serve the local East and South East Asian community until today. As a charity, they provide a number of services to the local community.

Including organising community events to help their local community connect with their heritage. Providing health and welfare advice everyday. Please check out their social media on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and their website for more information about how you can help.

Screen Shot 2021-04-02 at 13_42_14.png

End the Virus of Racism are a broad, independent, diverse, and cross-party coalition of British citizens and residents calling for zero tolerance for racism following a three-fold increase in hate crime towards people of East and Southeast Asian heritage during the coronavirus crisis.

Their aims are to:

● Support victims of hate crimes through a trustworthy and independent service.

● Provide phone hotline for people to call at times of need.

● Build and support a coalition of East and Southeast Asian organisations.

● Hold UK national and local government, the Home Secretary, and police to account.

● Research and campaign.

● Raise awareness about issues facing people of East and Southeast Asian heritage.

Please check out their social media on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Their website has links to lots of information about how you can help, petitions and donation links.

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