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The UK music industry is the third biggest music industry in the world and is notoriously known as the hardest to break into. In the past few years BTS' influence has been growing in the UK. This is down to BTS' ability to create emotive songs that entice new listeners to join their army. The BTS army is well known to be the most hardworking fanbase there is, educating themselves about the best ways to support BTS. For more info on what we do as a collective click here -


Here are the UK fanbases we proudly work with:


BTSXUKCharts was created to keep ARMY, especially UK ARMY, up to date with BTS on UK Charts. Our main role is to update, offer guidance and inform UK ARMY about UK Charts. Ranging from informing about streaming and buying rules to chart rule changes and updates. 


Our main aim right now is to work with UK ARMY in order to achieve BTS’ first ever number 1 single. With hope that this day will be soon, we’ll keep walking on this path of numbers and data, then keep walking some more as we strive to achieve many more goals together with ARMY & BTS, one by one.


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BTS UK ARMY UNITE is a UK-based fanbase, created to connect and unite UK ARMY to help BTS achieve many goals, titles and accomplishments here in the UK, through collaborations with UK and international fanbases. 


We have held meet-ups and charity fundraisers, as well as celebrated BTS's anniversaries with billboards in London, Manchester and Dublin. We have been part of BTS Tour London, creators and organisers of fan projects for The O2 and Wembley (Day 1) concerts. We are currently part of the international collective, All For ARMY.


We aim to promote BTS here in the UK, by spreading their message through interviews for TV, radio, YouTube and magazines. We have been lucky enough to be featured by BBC News, Forbes Magazine, KCL Radio and Niki and Sammy. 

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BANGTANUK are the first UK fanbase for BTS and were established in 2013, we pride ourselves in highlighting the works of ARMYs in the UK, in whatever creative way that may be!


From aiding with keeping fans up to date with BTS schedules both at home and abroad, as well as showcasing the talents of UK ARMY, we are a fanbase for the community to stay up to date with the boys wherever they may be! 

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